Patent idea network lets you post your patent ideas.


Patent idea network lets you post your patent ideas plus find business ideas and new inventions.
Patent idea network.
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Patent and Copyright Offices

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Argentina Patent & Copyright
Armenia Patent & Copyright Office

Australian Patent Office
Austrian Patent Office  
Barbados Patent & Copyright
Belgium Office for Industrial Property 
Belize Patent & Trademark

Brazilian Industrial Property Office
Bulgaria Patent Office
Canadian Intellectual Property Office 

Patent idea marketplace allows individuals and companies to post patent ideas.
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China (Intellectual Property Office)
Croatia (Intellectual Property Office) 
Czech Republic (Industrial Property Office) 
Danish (Patent and Trademark Office) 

Egyptian Patent Office
El Salvadore Patent & Trademark
Estonia Patent & Trademark
European Database Patents
European Patent Office
European Community Trademark Office 
Finland (Board of Patents and Registration) 
France (National Institute of Industrial Property)

Georgian Patent Office 
German Patent Office 
Greek Industrial Property Organization 

Hungary Patent & Copyright
Hong Kong Patent & Trademark
Hungarian Patent Office 
Iceland Patent Office 

Indian Patent & Trademark Office
Indonesian Patent & Copyright
Irish Patent Office
Italian Patent and Trademark Office 
Japanese Patent Office
Korea Industrial Property Office 
Lao Patent & Trademark
Lithuania Patent Office
Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office 
Malaysia Patent & Copyright
Macedonia Patent & Copyright
Mexican Institute of Industrial Property
Moldova Patent & Trademark
Nepal Patent & Trademark
Netherlands Industrial Property Office 
New Zealand (Intellectual Property Office)

Norway Patent Office
Panama Patent Office
Peru Patent & Copyright
Poland Patent & Trademark
Portugal Patent Office
Romania Patent & Copyright
Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks
Singapore (Intellectual Property Office)

Slovenia Patent & Copyright
Spain (Office of Patents and Trademarks)
Swedish Patent and Registration Office 
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property 
Taiwan (Intellectual Property Office)

Thailand Patent & Copyright
Turkey Patent Office
United Kingdom Patent Office 
United States Patent/Trademark Office
United States Copyright Office
World Intellectual Property Organization

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