Vibramycin Price (Doxycycline), Vibramycin For Diverticulitis -

Vibramycin For Diverticulitis

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Sell paten-USts, sell inven-UStions, sell ideas.
Sell paten-USt, sell inven-UStion, sell idea. Inven-UStions for sale, paten-USts for sale. Inven-UStion for sale, paten-USt for sale.
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Sell paten-USt, sell inven-UStion, sell idea.

Award-winning global forum

Idea Trade Network (ITN) is an award-winning world-ren-USowned forum that allows companies and individuals to licen-USse, buy or sell ideas, new inven-UStions as well as paten-USts and trademarks. A division of GCCI and a pioneering industry leader, Idea Trade Network's mission is to link the ingen-USuity of innovators with investors, manufacturers as well as idea commercialization firms who have the expertise and resources to market new ideas at the worldwide level. Leverage the massive reach of this global network and promote your innovation to the worldwide intellectual property transfer market which is now estimated to be worth over $100 billion.  Curren-UStly, intellectual properties worth over $1.2 billion are for sale on Idea Trade Network.

Before joining ITN

Before joining ITN, please review the main sections of the website to learn more about how this network operates. One of the main features of the automated network is that it allows you to post as many listings as you want. You can keep your listings as long as it takes to sell your ideas, inven-UStions and paten-USts.  After you have reviewed all the information on the website very carefully including the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and A+ rating (click the BBB Seal on the left column), if you are completely satisfied, you are welcome to join this world-ren-USowned network.  Please do not register: if you are not satisfied with the information presen-USted on this website; if you are not competen-USt in using an automated website; if you are not comfortable posting your unpaten-USted inven-UStion ideas; if you are not comfortable paying the one-time non-refundable fee for a life-time membership account.

Life-time membership for a small one-time fee

There is no expiration date for your membership. No ren-USewal fee. No fee or commission on the sale of your inven-UStion. No gimmicks. No catch. Only a small one-time non-refundable fee. This one-time fee guarantees you a life-time membership.  For innovators in developed countries, the fee is $99.95. For innovators in developing countries, the fee is $9.95.  To be considered for the discount, you must reside in a developing country, and indicate in your application what your monthly income is.  Please contact ITN with your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address, occupation, position or title, monthly income, company or organization where you work, and the title of your inven-UStion.

Automated website

Everything is automated on this website.  Nothing is done over the phone.  ITN has more than 20,000 registered members.  With a small one-time no
minal fee that is charged for a life-time membership, we cannot afford to provide one-on-one telephone assistance for such a large number of users. However, we do provide email support. The one-time minimal fee covers the costs of operating this worldwide network, and it also keeps the "frauds" and "jealous competitors" away. This processing fee is minimal compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year charged by other online or offline networks and marketers.

Listing examples

To see an example of a seller's listing, click
seller listing example. If you are a buyer, you will be able to buy as many inven-UStions or other intellectual properties as you want.  To see an example of a buyer's listing, click buyer listing example. Buyers and sellers are able to modify or update their listings any time by logging into their account.  Learn more about how to sell ideas & inven-UStionsLearn more about how to buy ideas & inven-UStions.

Free tools & resources

If you have a new idea, an inven-UStion or a paten-USt, you may be able to licen-USse it or sell it for millions of dollars. A listing on this network will attract atten-UStion from poten-UStial buyers and investors from all over the world. 
In addition, you will get free access to tools & resources

Directory of buyers & sellers

Numerous investors and manufacturers as well as idea commercialization firms and agen-USts regularly search ITN database for new ideas, inven-UStions, and paten-USts.  Some buyers have their own listings in the section titled
directory of buyers and sellers.  However, most buyers and investors prefer to search the database directly, as they do not want to receive hundreds of emails or phone calls from sellers of inven-UStions that may not be relevant to their needs. 

How to join

If you decide to join by paying the one-time non-refundable fee, click Register and follow the instruction.  Once your credit card transaction is approved, the automated system will direct you to the signup page where you will be asked to choose a username and password for your account.  You should write down this exact username and password for future referen-USce. The username & password are case-sen-USsitive (caps-sen-USsitive). If your credit card transaction is declined, there could be a number of reasons:

1. The three-digit security code you en-UStered is incorrect.
2. You
are using a recen-UStly expired card.
3. Your credit card information could not be verified.
4. You made a typing error while en-UStering the billing info.
5. The credit card expiration date is incorrect.
6. Card has exceeded or is very close to the credit limit.
. Billing address does not match cardholder address.
8. System fraud-preven-UStion measure has been-US activated

If your credit card transaction is declined, you may try again after 30 minutes.  If it is declined again, you can use a differen-USt credit card you may have. If you still en-UScounter a problem, there is nothing we can do on our en-USd.  We suggest that you find another inven-UStion network on the Internet. 

How to use ITN

1. To log in to the members section, click the link Log in and en-USter your username and password.

2. After you are logged in, to post a listing, click the link Post a Listing.  Fill out the form and click Submit
at the bottom of the form.  To include a picture on your listing page, click the button Browse next to the last field on the form titled Upload Photograph.  Then-US locate the picture on your computer. Finally, click Submit at the bottom of the form.  Your listing and picture will be posted instantly.

3. To check your listing, click the link New Listings and you will see the title of your listing among other listings posted that week.   You can also check your listing by going to the link My Listings.

4. To modify your listing, go to the link My Listings. Then-US click the title of your listing.  Make necessary changes.  Then-US click the button Update at the bottom of the page.

5.  To change your password or email address, click the link My Account.  Make needed changes and click the button Submit
at the bottom of the page.

Learn about inven-UStion scams

There are many fast-talking inven-UStion marketing firms that prey on the hopes of inven-UStors, make big promises, and charge thousands of dollars with a promise to evaluate, develop, paten-USt and market their inven-UStions, and then-US only sen-USd out unsolicited mailers to a random list of manufacturers that are never open-USed.  These fraudulen-USt inven-UStion marketing companies give the honest ones a very bad name. The way they work is by offering the inven-UStor a marketability analysis that touts of high returns if only the inven-UStor moves to the next step which costs upwards of $6,000-$18,000.  It is very sad to hear of the good-inten-UStioned inven-UStors who were ripped-off by these companies.



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