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Idea Trade Network (ITN) has pioneered online trading of intellectual property. It has received a number of awards and distinction for its originality, business model and overall level of excellence (see Awards). Idea Trade Network (ITN) has been listed on InfoWorld's annual list of innovators that exemplify the best of the IT industry. 

It has also been featured on CNN, CBS MarketWatch as well as
Washington Post, Star Tribune and other leading news media from around the world. For details go to In the News.  In addition, Idea Trade Network (ITN) has received top 10 rankings on all leading search engines and directories that reach more than one billion Internet users around the world. For details go to Top 10 Rankings.

As a result of such worldwide attention, Idea Trade Network (ITN) has become the fastest growing and most popular forum for promoting, buying and selling intellectual property. More than 20,000 companies, inventors, universities and creative individuals from all over the world have already registered with Idea Trade Network (ITN) to promote their innovations to the global market.

To register for a membership account (one-time processing fee $99.95) click Log in and follow the instruction. After your account is activated, you will be able to post as many listings as you want. You can buy and sell as many inventions and new ideas as you want.  There is no expiration date for your membership. No renewal fee. No fee or commission on the sale of your invention. To see an example of a seller's listing, click Seller Listing Example.

You can post all types and stages of intellectual property for sale or licensing, including patented and unpatented inventions, trademarks and crafts. You may also promote creative work including literary, musical and artistic as well as photographic and audiovisual works.  

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  Sell patents, sell inventions and sell ideas. Inventions for sale, patents for sale.  


Buy and sell ideas, new inventions, patents or other intellectual properties. Find invention marketing and invention submission tools. If you are a buyer, you can search for patents for sale and inventions for sale. If you are a seller, find the right company that will recognize the vision of greatness in your new ideas. Turn your dreams into reality by selling your invention ideas to the global market. Sell idea, license or sell patent, trade and sell invention. Promote your patents for sale or inventions for sale without marketing costs on our invention show. Sell patent, sell invention and sell idea - Ever wondered How can I sell my patent, how can I sell my invention. All around the world there are demand and supply for new ideas, new invention and patent ideas. Locate the right company, investor or marketer that would turn your invention ideas and patent ideas into successful products. Leverage the global reach of the Internet to sell inventions and license or sell patents through our invention fair. License and buy invention or buy patent. Registered users can license inventions and patents. Have you ever asked yourself, how can I sell my ideas and how can I sell my inventions or how can I sell my patent.  Well, you have come to the right place. ITN can help you learn how to sell your ideas. We will show you how to sell your inventions. Learn how to sell your patents.


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